About CardioTech Monitoring Systems

CardioTech Monitoring Systems is a Holter monitor scanning, analyzing and reporting company. We specialize in 24 and 48 hour Holter scans using Philips Zymed DigiTrak XT Holter monitors.  We provide service to physician groups and other healthcare organizations utilizing the latest Philips™ technology in our Holter monitors and in the scanning software we use.

Due to the latest Holter technology, we are able to offer more advanced services such as atrial fibrillation quantification. This gives us the ability to provide you, the physician, with a more accurate report when it comes to patients with atrial fibrillation and allows you to make a more accurate diagnosis, thus enhancing your treatment outcomes.

CardioTech Monitoring Systems is dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers. We look forward to working with you.